Our hardwood maple fixed height student desks are available in heights from 18"- 30". These are the classic school desk, constructed using mortise and tenon joinery and glued together with high quality marine grade epoxy. The only screws in our desks are used to hold the top and cubby shelf to the base. Each desk is hand sanded and all edges are rounded to prevent snagged clothing or injury. The desk tops corners have a gentle radius and can be easily removed for refinishing when the time comes. The cubby space in our desks provide ample space and the cubby shelf is made from half inch domestic maple plywood. We offer two sizes of fixed Ht. desks. The single student desk and the double student desk. Many schools choose the option of our double desk which allows more room in the classroom and plenty of space for two students to work side by side. The open cubby space has a hardwood center divider. We apply several coats of a high quality, environmentally safe, clear satin polyurethane to each desk. Please specify the desk height needed for a price quote, refer to the chart below for a desk Ht. to school grade match. One of the perks of building furniture to order is, we can build to fit your needs. Making furniture a little bigger or smaller is possible without affecting the cost in most cases. Please contact us for a complete price list.                      


  • Desktop - 28" Wide x 23" Deep x 7/8" Thick
  • Cubby Shelf - 22" Wide x 13" Deep x 3 3/4" Ht.
  • Available in heights from 18"- 30"

Double Student Fixed Height Desk

  • Desktop - 50" Wide x 23" Deep x 7/8" thick
  • Cubby Shelf - 44" Wide x 13" Deep x 3 3/4" HT. with center divider
  • Available in heights from 18"- 30"


Chair seat Heights            Desk Heights

10" / Toddler-Preschool                     18"- 20" Tall

12" / Preschool-Kindergarten            20"- 22" Tall

14" / First-Third Grade                      23"- 25" Tall

16" / Fourth-Sixth Grade                   26"- 28" Tall

18" / Seventh Grade-Adult                 28"- 30" Tall                    

                                                                                         Example of Mortise and Tenon joinery

                                                                                         Example of Mortise and Tenon joinery